Launch Programs in a Specific or New Virtual Desktop in Windows 10

Virtual Desktops in Windows 10

VDesk is a cool tool for Windows 10 that can launch programs on new virtual desktops or in a particular virtual desktop you specify.

Download VDesk and save to a folder. Right-click Start, click Command Prompt (Admin) and then run the following command:

VDesk -install

VDesk launch program in new virtual desktop

This adds a context menu item named Open in new virtual desktop for all files, which when clicked runs the following command:

VDesk.exe <filename>

VDesk launch program in new virtual desktop

To remove the context menu item, run this from Command Prompt (Admin).

VDesk -uninstall

Starting a Program in a Specific Virtual Desktop

To start a program in a specific Virtual Desktop, you need to use the Command-line (or shortcut) using the following syntax:

vdesk 3 notepad "C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\Hello.txt"

This opens the specified text file using Notepad, in Virtual Desktop #3. If Virtual Desktop 3 doesn’t exist, it’s created automatically.

VDesk, as of this post, is in beta (v0.1-beta1) which means it’s in the early stages of development, and the usual beta software warning applies.

(Thanks, NextOfWindows.)

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