A Utility to Unassociate File Types in Windows 7 and Vista

Here is a utility that helps you unassociate a file type quickly in your Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer without the need to edit the registry manually. Windows 7 & Vista do not provide a GUI option to unassociate file types, thus the need arises for such a tool below.

Unassociate file types in Windows 7 & Windows Vista

  • Download unassoc.zip and save to Desktop
  • Extract the contents to a folder and run the file unassoc.exe
  • Select the file type from the list
  • Click Remove file association (User)

The user-specific association for the chosen file type is now removed from the registry. The system will now use the global file association settings.

More information

Remove file association (User)Removes the user-specific association (via the Open With dialog) for the chosen file type. Note that this button will remain dimmed if there is no user-specific association for the file type.
Delete file typeDeletes the file type completely from the registry. Both the user-specific and global associations for the chosen file type is removed.
Refresh listRefreshes the list box contents.

179 thoughts on “A Utility to Unassociate File Types in Windows 7 and Vista

  1. Thank you so much for this. I was in a panic. Somehow all my icons got linked to Adobe Reader. The only way I was able to get a browser to open to find this was through the Reader. Don’t even ask me how I got there. This little program worked like a charm. Brought everything back to normal.
    Thanks again


  2. I tried to use this utility on a win7 PC which has a problem opening the MS Security Essentials program (keeps opening the ‘Open With’ dialog) but there is no user asoociated file type for this so no further forward – but can see it is a useful link for many other extensions. Thanks for putting it up.

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