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Disclaimer: This website and all the information, fixes and software contained herein is provided "AS-IS", without warranty of any kind. While I've always aim for accuracy, and have tested the content in various systems, I assume no responsibility for your use of these files and information. The author will not be liable for any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages due to loss of data or any other reason.
Copyright: Do not duplicate or redistribute without written permission. This website is registered with The UK Copyright Service. Copyright 2006 Ramesh Srinivasan. All rights reserved.
Backup: Most of the tips and fixes in this site deal with Windows registry. Therefore general registry editing warning applies. It's your duty to do a registry backup or a complete system state backup if you wish to undo the changes made by one of the the Registry fixes / tips in this site. More info' on registry backup can be found in the following page:  How to Backup the Windows Registry
Welcome to my site!

This site contains information on how to troubleshoot problems in Windows, registry fixes, customization ideas, utilities and scripts to resolve problems in Windows XP. Resources available in this site should help you learn and fix the problems by yourselves.

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Ramesh Srinivasan
Microsoft MVP (2003-2012)

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The Winhelponline Blog Windows Vista articles Edit registry offline using BartPE
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Troubleshooting Help Center Create Restore points daily RDP & Default Printer setting

Windows 7 and Vista articles from Winhelponline
How to Access the Hidden Themes in Windows 7 How to Clear Jump Lists MRU in Windows 7
Hide "Delete" from Recycle Bin context menu Move shell folders in Vista
PreviewConfig registers file types for the Preview Pane "Open Command Window Here" option in Vista
Hide drive letters from the Send To menu How to Make Folders Appear as Cascading Menu in the Quick Launch Toolbar
Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator Jump to a Registry Key Via the Right-Click Menu in Internet Explorer
Add items to Send To menu in Vista Disable Balloon tips in Vista
How to remove an unwanted service Administrative Tools folder is empty in Vista
Determine the system uptime in Vista Creating a System Restore point in Vista
Fix the .exe file association in Windows Vista File association fixes for Windows Vista
Hide Favorite Links section in Explorer Open an elevated Command Prompt
Copy file/folder path to Clipboard in Vista "Page by E-Mail" and "Link by E-Mail" grayed out in Internet Explorer
Remove / modify Shortcut overlay (arrow) in Vista Favorite Links in the Explorer navigation pane is completely empty
Windows Experience Index - Performance Information and Tools page is blank How to add the Print Directory feature for file system folders in Windows Vista
Disable Fast User Switching in Vista Error "This language is no longer available for spell checking" in Windows Mail
Restore the Internet Explorer desktop icon in Windows Vista How to clear the folder list MRU in Windows Sidebar - Slide Show Gadget
Adding the "Add to Quick Launch" context menu option in Windows XP Adding a custom picture to the list of user account pictures
Utility to unassociate file types in Windows Vista Restore missing Flip3D icon to Quick Launch

Frequently used Tips & fixes for Windows XP
Windows XP Tips & Fixes
(Check the Tips Index for the entire list)
Windows XP NTBackup Utility TweakUI for Windows XP - Tips
XP Enable CD AutoPlay XP Disable CD AutoPlay
Prevent Applications from stealing focus Disable Balloon Tips
Hide the Recycle Bin from Desktop Hide the Recycle Bin from Desktop
"Drive" Association Fix for XP Clean Most Recently Used (MRU) lists
How to manage Windows startup? Restore "Send To" context menu item
Edit the registry offline using BartPE CD Reinstalling System Restore in Windows XP
Registering programs with "Open With" SVCHOST.EXE Description
How to backup the Registry Restore Show Desktop icon to Quick Launch
Free-up the hard disk space Reset the special folder paths to defaults
Configure XP to Automatically Login Prevent XP searching inside ZIP / CAB files
Registry Editing disabled by administrator System Restore turned off by group policy

Internet Explorer Tips
Visit IEFAQ page for the entire list
Remove IE Restrictions & Restore tabs Reset IE Window placement
IE Toolbar reset position Repair Internet Explorer using IEFix
Disable Third-Party browser extensions Set IE as default browser (IE6 & XP only)
ToolbarCop - Manage IE Add-ons Enable or Disable Right-Click in IE
Internet Explorer "Advanced" tab is blank Missing "Empty Temporary Internet.." option
Quickly clear the Cache in IE Add HTML Editor to IE Options
Troubleshoot PDF Vs IE problems Enable download prompt for CSV files
Enable download prompt for PDF files Missing favorites after upgrading to XP?

  There are many other articles and problem solvers

The above is not the exhaustive list. For more Tips and Troubleshooting documents for Windows XP, start from this page. Or check the Recent documents page out here. Internet Explorer FAQ is here