When you install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, the following error occurs and the setup is aborted:

Internal Error 2755.110

Proposed solution

Clearing the TEMP folder

Restart Windows. Click Start, Run and type %temp% and press ENTER. Delete all the files in the TEMP folder, ignoring "file in use" error messages if any. Try installing Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (WICU) now. If the problem persists, try the method discussed below.

Extracting the setup files to a folder

  • Download and install WinZip or any other third-party .zip handler
  • Start WinZip and open the WICU setup wrapper msicuu2.exe
  • Extract the following files to a folder on the Desktop.
  • msicuu.exe
  • msicuu.msi
  • MsiZapA.exe
  • MsiZapU.exe
  • readme.txt
  • StartMsi.vbs
  • Then open the folder where you extracted the above files.
  • Double-click StartMsi.vbs to run it.

Installation should now complete successfully.