When you attempt to install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, one of the following errors may occur, and the installation does not complete successfully.

Script: C:\DOCUME~1\Ramesh\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP000.TMP\StartMsi.vbs
Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: The specified module could not be found.
Code: 8007007E
Source: (null)
Script: C:\DOCUME~1\Ramesh\LOCALS~1\Temp\IXP0000.TMP\StartMsi.vbs
Line: 1
Char: 1
Error: A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed
Code: 8007045A
Source: (null)


This error occurs is the scripting runtime file scrrun.dll is missing or corrupt.


Click Start, Run and type:

regsvr32 scrrun.dll

Press Enter.

If you receive the error The specified module could not be found or similar, you may have to expand a new copy of scrrun.dll from the source, which may be the Windows XP CD-ROM or the ServicePackFiles\i386 folder in the hard disk.

Alternately, you can reinstall the Windows Script 5.6 engine from Microsoft site. The missing scrrun.dll should be restored automatically. You can download Windows Script 5.6 from the following URL:

Download details: Windows Script 5.6 for Windows 2000 & XP

More Information

The Windows Installer Cleanup Utility installation wizard extracts a script file to the TEMP folder. This script does the initialization task, and then invokes the setup. The first line of the StartMSI.VBS is given below:

Set fso=CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

If scrrun.dll file is missing or corrupt, the above code returns an error (as mentioned in the Symptoms section of this article)