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Index of Windows Tips - Page 4

The following articles are posted in Winhelponline (links opens in new Window)

  1. "Update All" command is missing from "My Briefcase" context menu
  2. Recurse music folders with Windows Media Player 11
  3. Automation error occurs while viewing the system status using Help and Support Center
  4. How to remove the Command Bar in Internet Explorer 7
  5. How to remove Taskbar and Start Menu icon from My Computer
  6. How to restore "Audio CD" entry to the File Types tab
  7. "You've opened a new tab" message appears whenever a new tab is opened
  8. Set the default Zoom Level in Internet Explorer 7
  9. Text appear blurry in Internet Explorer 7
  10. How to copy Mouse settings to the Logon Desktop
  11. The menu options and buttons appear blank in Disk Defragmenter
  12. How to move special folders in Windows Vista
  13. Remote Assistance command-line options in Windows Vista
  14. Error "The Disk Defragmenter is not installed on your computer" in Windows Vista
  15. How to Add Items to the "Send To" Menu in Windows Vista
  16. How to replace Windows XP Start menu Search with a third-party search tool
  17. Error "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" when running Disk Defragmenter in Windows XP
  18. Put your Windows Vista computer into hibernate mode using command-line
  19. Change the functionality of Power and Sleep buttons in Windows Vista
  20. How to disable Notification Area Balloon Tips in Windows Vista
  21. How to hide Favorite links in Explorer and browse dialog boxes
  22. File association fixes for Windows Vista
  23. Adding a "Run as" context menu option for .CMD and .BAT files in Windows XP
  24. Restore missing mouse pointer schemes in Windows XP
  25. Where is the Internet Explorer desktop icon in Windows Vista?
  26. How to add "Open Command Window Here" context menu option for folders in Windows Vista
  27. "Stored User Names and Passwords" dialog is empty
  28. Using "Copy as Path" command to copy file or folder path to the clipboard in Vista
  29. File extension for .exe files is not displayed in Explorer after a Virus attack
  30. How to open an elevated Command Prompt from the folder context menu in Windows Vista
  31. [PreviewConfig] Utility to register file types for Explorer Preview Pane in Windows Vista
  32. Windows Picture and Fax Viewer as the default viewer in Mozilla Firefox
  33. Display information about previous logons during user logon in Windows Vista
  34. Disabling UAC (User Account Control) in Windows Vista
  35. How to disable minipreview of images in the Thumbnail view of a folder?
  36. How to prevent PDF document from opening in the browser window when clicking on a link
  37. Error "Element not found" when attempting to add a Search Provider in Internet Explorer 7
  38. How to reinstate Windows XP Search Companion after you install Windows Desktop Search
  39. Restore missing "Desktop (create shortcut)" entry to the Send To menu in Windows XP
  40. Using the "A word or phrase in the file" search criterion may not work for HTML files
  41. File download dialog opens when you try to view a feed in Internet Explorer 7
  42. Windows NT Backup Restore Utility to restore files from backups made using a previous version of Windows
  43. How to disable Fast User Switching in Windows Vista
  44. Clearing the Run MRU entries in Windows Vista
  45. Shell folders are displayed with the standard folder icon in Windows Vista
  46. Prevent accidental deletion of Office Setup Files when using the Disk Cleanup utility
  47. Error occurs when opening the Disk Management MMC console in Windows XP
  48. Error "Setup has failed" when installing Windows Desktop Search
  49. You're not prompted to add a picture viewer when burning image files to a CD in Windows XP
  50. "Error 1402" when installing Acrobat Reader in Windows XP
  51. How to restore missing Flip 3D icon to the Quick Launch toolbar in Windows Vista
  52. "Error 1083" when attempting to start Terminal Services service in a Windows XP Service Pack 2 computer
  53. File names may be hidden when the view option of a folder is set to Icons in Windows Vista
  54. How to create a System Restore point in Windows Vista
  55. How to Clear Past Items from the Notification Area in Windows Vista
  56. How to restore the Recycle bin icon that has been accidentally deleted
  57. How to hide the "Delete" command from Recycle Bin context menu in Windows Vista
  58. Restore missing Desktop (create shortcut) link to your SendTo folder in Windows Vista
  59. How do you clear the Desktop Background "Picture Location" History in Windows Vista
  60. "Error 1068" Error Message when you try to start the Windows Firewall service
  61. Error "Access is denied" when you try to log off an user account using Task Manager Users tab in Windows Vista
  62. How to change or add OEM logo in the Performance Information and Tools applet in Windows Vista
  63. Unable to open .PPS attachments directly from Windows Mail in Windows Vista
  64. Unable to access Theme controls in Photo Gallery Slideshow in Windows Vista
  65. How to disable ClearType smoothing in Windows Vista
  66. Windows Experience Index - Performance Information and Tools page is completely blank
  67. How to remove or modify the Shortcut overlay in Windows Vista
  68. You receive an error message when you click a hyperlink in Microsoft Outlook
  69. How to clear the Parental Controls Activity Reports in Windows Vista
  70. Error "Registry editing has been disabled by your administrator" when you open the Registry Editor in Windows Vista
  71. Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer taskbar buttons are grouped together in Windows XP
  72. How to open an elevated Command Prompt in Windows Vista
  73. Favorite Links in the Windows Explorer navigation pane is completely empty
  74. Retrieve the Product Key of your Windows Vista system
  75. How to add the OEM logo and information to the system information applet in Windows Vista
  76. "Browse for more pictures" link in the User Accounts applet does not work?