Default browser still points to MYIE2 while you have uninstalled it

If you've selected a prompt which says to set MYIE2 as the default browser and you've clicked "YES", all the internet file associations are overtaken by MYIE2. However, even after uninstalling MYIE2, the settings are not reverted back to IE as default.

This happens if you've not chosen the option Restore Last Default Browser under the Options menu item in MYIE2.

NOTE: Upon testing, in Windows XP MYIE2 did not revert back the Start Menu internet browser to "Internet Explorer". You can change it via Control Panel Add/Remove Programs > "Set Program Access and defaults". Apart from this glitch, MYIE2 does a good job in backing up the current default browser settings so that the user may revert it. The settings are stored in the respective HKCR handlers. Example HKCR\htmlfile\oldshell.


To resolve the problem, reinstall MYIE2 and then choose Restore Last Default Browser in the Options menu. Then, uninstall it if you don't plan to use it. (or keep it as a non-default browser). See MyIE2 Online help page for more information.


For all builds of Windows XP, run this fix: IE_Default_Browser.reg (assumes Windows is installed in C:\ ). For XP SP1 and later, you may also use the Add/Remove Programs, Set Program Access and defaults to configure Internet Explorer as the default browser.

For Windows 9x (and XP) systems, the following option should help:

Open Internet Explorer, Tools, Internet Options. Click Programs tab and enable the option: 

Internet Explorer should check to see whether it is the default browser

Close IE and open again. Click YES if you are prompted to set it as default browser.