Convert Favorites to Txt file; View Internet Explorer Favorites information in a readable form.

This utility Fav2Txt (~12 KB Zip) allows you convert the information in .URL (Internet Shortcut) to Txt readable format. Upon startup, this utility extracts the information from .URL files present in the Internet Explorer Favorites folder, and then creates an output .TXT filename you specify. No user interface is provided for this utility. I may consider adding command-line arguments in future, upon request.

The format of the .Txt file would be like the following:


<Path:\Folder name>

Actual Title
Actual URL


Sample file:

Fav2Txt - Internet Explorer Favorites in readable format

G:\Documents and Settings\Ramesh\Favorites

182569 - Description of Internet Explorer Security Zones Registry Entries;EN-US;182569

243433 - WINUP The Yes and No Buttons Are Missing from the End User License Agreement

Disclaimer: This utility is provided "AS-IS" without any warranties.

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