Search Results Empty (No Results) in Windows 10 Settings Page [Fix]

If searching through the Windows 10 Settings page is extremely slow or returns “No results” message, this article has the solution for the problem.

settings search no results found

[Fix] Search Results Showing No Results in Windows 10 Settings

Step 1: Check if Windows Search Service is Running

  1. Press WinKey + R, type services.msc and press ENTER
  2. Double-click Windows Search and set its start type to Automatic
  3. Manually start the service by clicking Start in the services window.

Step 2: Enable Content Indexing for “Immersivecontrolpanel” Folder

  1. Open the following folder in File Explorer:

    settings search no results found
    The above folder contains the XML files used by the modern Settings page. If these XML files are missing or their contents are not indexed, searching through the Settings page (WinKey + i) would return no results. So, let’s index this folder and it’s sub-folders and files.

  2. Right-click LocalState and click Properties. Click Advanced.
  3. In the Advanced Attributes dialog, enable the option Allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in addition to file propertiessettings search no results found
  4. Click OK, and apply changes to all sub-directories by selecting the option Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files when prompted.(If the checkbox is already enabled, uncheck the option and click OK. Then enable it back and click OK.)
  5. Wait for some time for the search index to crawl files in the sub-folders.(If it still doesn’t help, open Indexing Options in Control Panel, click the Advanced tab and rebuild the search index.)settings search no results found
    As a side note, to access “Accounts”, you’d simply click Accounts in the main Settings page. The screenshots are for illustration.

That’s it! Hope this fixes the search option in the Windows 10 Settings page.

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2 thoughts on “Search Results Empty (No Results) in Windows 10 Settings Page [Fix]”

  1. Thank you! I had tried every ‘solution’ on several Windows forums. Your instructions to “Enable Content Indexing for “Immersivecontrolpanel” Folder” finally got Cortana search able to find Windows programs and Control Panel settings.

  2. Enable Content Indexing for “Immersivecontrolpanel” Folder
    … this was the solution I’ve been looking for. Cortana now finds Windows programs and settings.

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