Launch Settings Pages using ms-settings URL shortcuts

Windows 10/11 includes the ms-settings: URL protocol which can be used to launch a specific page in Settings using a shortcut of Run dialog. Here is the complete list of ms-settings: commands in Windows 10 and 11.

Command-line Settings Page
ms-settings: Open the Settings app
ms-settings:about System – About Windows
ms-settings:activation Update & security – Activation
ms-settings:airplanemode Network & Internet – Airplane mode
ms-settings:appsfeatures Apps – Apps & features
ms-settings:appsfeatures-app Apps – Apps & features
ms-settings:appsforwebsites Apps – Apps for websites
ms-settings:apps-volume System – Sound – App Volume and device preferences
ms-settings:assignedaccess Accounts – Set up Kiosk
ms-settings:autoplay Devices – Autoplay
ms-settings:backup Update & security – Backup
ms-settings:batterysaver Battery saver
ms-settings:batterysaver-settings Battery Saver Settings
ms-settings:batterysaver-usagedetails Battery use
ms-settings:bluetooth Devices – Bluetooth
ms-settings:cellular Network & Internet – Cellular
ms-settings:clipboard System – Clipboard
ms-settings:colors Personalization – Colors
ms-settings:connecteddevices Devices – Bluetooth and Other devices
ms-settings:cortana-windowssearch Search – Searching Windows
ms-settings:crossdevice System – Shared Experiences
ms-settings:datausage Network & Internet – Data usage
ms-settings:dateandtime Time & language – Date & time
ms-settings:defaultapps System – Default apps
ms-settings:defaultbrowsersettings Apps – Recommended browser settings
ms-settings:delivery-optimization Update & security – Delivery Optimization
ms-settings:developers Update & security – For developers
ms-settings:deviceencryption System – About – Bitlocker
ms-settings:display System – Display
ms-settings:display-advanced System – Display – Advanced Scaling Settings
ms-settings:display-advancedgraphics System – Display – Graphics Settings
ms-settings:easeofaccess-audio Ease of Access – Audio
ms-settings:easeofaccess-closedcaptioning Ease of Access – Closed captions
ms-settings:easeofaccess-colorfilter Ease of Access – Color Filters
ms-settings:easeofaccess-colorfilter-adaptivecolorlink System – Display
ms-settings:easeofaccess-colorfilter-bluelightlink System – Display – Night light settings (sets focus)
ms-settings:easeofaccess-cursor Ease of Access – Text Cursor
ms-settings:easeofaccess-display Ease of Access – Display
ms-settings:easeofaccess-eyecontrol Ease of Access – Eye Control
ms-settings:easeofaccess-highcontrast Ease of Access – High contrast
ms-settings:easeofaccess-keyboard Ease of Access – Keyboard
ms-settings:easeofaccess-magnifier Ease of Access – Magnifier
ms-settings:easeofaccess-mouse Ease of Access – Mouse
ms-settings:easeofaccess-narrator Ease of Access – Narrator
ms-settings:easeofaccess-narrator-isautostartenabled Ease of Access – Narrator (sets focus on “Start narrator after sign-in”)
ms-settings:easeofaccess-otheroptions Ease of Access – Other options
ms-settings:easeofaccess-speechrecognition Ease of Access – Speech
ms-settings:emailandaccounts Accounts – Email and app accounts
ms-settings:emailandaccounts Accounts – Email & app accounts
ms-settings:family-group Accounts – Family & other users
ms-settings:findmydevice Update & security – Find my device
ms-settings:fonts Personalization – Fonts
ms-settings:gaming-gamebar Gaming – Xbox Game Bar
ms-settings:gaming-gamedvr Gaming – Captures
ms-settings:gaming-gamemode Gaming – Game mode
ms-settings:gaming-xboxnetworking Gaming – Xbox Networking
ms-settings:keyboard Time & Language – Language
ms-settings:location Location options
ms-settings:lock Lock options
ms-settings:lockscreen Personalization – Lock screen
ms-settings:maps System – offline maps
ms-settings:maps-downloadmaps Download maps
ms-settings:mobile-devices Phone – Your Phone
ms-settings:mobile-devices-addphone Phone – Your Phone – “Add a Phone” (Set focus on this button)
ms-settings:mobile-devices-addphone-direct Phone – Your Phone – “Add a Phone” (Clicks this button)
ms-settings:mobilehotspot Network & Internet – Mobile hotspot
ms-settings:mousetouchpad Devices – Mouse and touchpad
ms-settings:multitasking System – Multitasking
ms-settings:network Network & Internet
ms-settings:network-airplanemode Network & Internet – Airplane mode
ms-settings:network-cellular Network & Internet – Cellular
ms-settings:network-dialup Network & Internet – Dial-up
ms-settings:network-directaccess Network & Internet – DirectAccess
ms-settings:network-ethernet Network & Internet – Ethernet
ms-settings:network-mobilehotspot Network & Internet – Mobile hotspot
ms-settings:network-proxy Network & Internet – Proxy
ms-settings:network-status Network & Internet – Status
ms-settings:network-vpn Network & Internet – VPN
ms-settings:network-wifi Network & Internet – Wifi
ms-settings:network-wifisettings Network & Internet – Wifi – Settings
ms-settings:nightlight System – Night light settings
ms-settings:notifications System – Notifications & actions
ms-settings:notifications System – Notifications & actions
ms-settings:optionalfeatures System – Apps & features – Manage optional features
ms-settings:otherusers Accounts – Family & other people
ms-settings:pen Devices – Pen
ms-settings:personalization Personalization
ms-settings:personalization-background Personalization – Background
ms-settings:personalization-colors Personalization – Colors
ms-settings:personalization-start Personalization – Start
ms-settings:personalization-start-places Personalization – Choose which folders appear on Start
ms-settings:phone-defaultapps System – Default apps (Windows Phone)
ms-settings:power System – Power & sleep
ms-settings:powersleep System – Power & sleep
ms-settings:printers Devices – Printers & scanners
ms-settings:privacy Privacy
ms-settings:privacy-accountinfo Privacy – Account info
ms-settings:privacy-activityhistory Privacy – Activity History
ms-settings:privacy-appdiagnostics Privacy – App Diagnostics
ms-settings:privacy-automaticfiledownloads Privacy – Automatic file downloads
ms-settings:privacy-backgroundapps Privacy – Background apps
ms-settings:privacy-broadfilesystemaccess Privacy – File System
ms-settings:privacy-calendar Privacy – Calendar
ms-settings:privacy-callhistory Privacy – Call history
ms-settings:privacy-contacts Privacy – Contacts
ms-settings:privacy-customdevices Privacy – Other devices
ms-settings:privacy-documents Privacy – Documents
ms-settings:privacy-email Privacy – Email
ms-settings:privacy-feedback Privacy – Feedback
ms-settings:privacy-feedback-optinlevelgroup Privacy – Diagnostics & Feedback
ms-settings:privacy-feedback-telemetryviewergroup Privacy – Diagnostics & Feedback (Scrolls to Telemetry setting)
ms-settings:privacy-general Privacy – General
ms-settings:privacy-location Privacy – Location
ms-settings:privacy-messaging Privacy – Messaging
ms-settings:privacy-microphone Privacy – Microphone
ms-settings:privacy-motion Privacy – Motion
ms-settings:privacy-notifications Privacy – Notifications
ms-settings:privacy-phonecalls Privacy – Phone calls
ms-settings:privacy-pictures Privacy – Pictures
ms-settings:privacy-radios Privacy – Radios
ms-settings:privacy-speech Privacy – Speech
ms-settings:privacy-speechtyping Privacy – Speech, inking and typing
ms-settings:privacy-tasks Privacy – Tasks
ms-settings:privacy-videos Privacy – Videos
ms-settings:privacy-voiceactivation Privacy – Voice activation
ms-settings:privacy-webcam Privacy – Camera
ms-settings:project System – Projection to this PC
ms-settings:proximity NFC and proximity
ms-settings:quiethours System – Focus assist
ms-settings:quietmomentsgame System – Focus assist – Playing a game full screen
ms-settings:quietmomentspresentation System – Focus assist – Duplicating my display
ms-settings:quietmomentsscheduled System – Focus assist – During these hours (scheduling)
ms-settings:recovery Update & security – Recovery
ms-settings:regionformatting Time & language – Language
ms-settings:regionlanguage Time & language – Language
ms-settings:regionlanguage-adddisplaylanguage Time & language – Language – Sets focus on “Windows display language”
ms-settings:regionlanguage-languageoptions Time & language – Language – Sets focus on “Windows display language”
ms-settings:regionlanguage-quickime Time & language – Language
ms-settings:regionlanguage-setdisplaylanguage Time & language – Language – Sets focus on “Windows display language”
ms-settings:remotedesktop System – Remote Desktop
ms-settings:savelocations System – Storage – Change where new content is saved
ms-settings:screenrotation System – Display – Screen rotation
ms-settings:search Search – Permissions & History
ms-settings:search-permissions Search – Permissions & History
ms-settings:signinoptions Accounts – Sign-in options
ms-settings:signinoptions-dynamiclock Accounts – Sign-in options
ms-settings:signinoptions-launchfaceenrollment Accounts – Sign-in options – Windows Hello Face
ms-settings:signinoptions-launchfingerprintenrollment Accounts – Sign-in options – Windows Hello Fingerprint
ms-settings:signinoptions-launchsecuritykeyenrollment Accounts – Sign-in options
ms-settings:sound System – Sound
ms-settings:sound-devices System – Sound – Manage Sound Devices
ms-settings:speech Time & language – Speech
ms-settings:startupapps Apps – Startup Apps
ms-settings:storagepolicies System – Storage – Configure Storage Sense or run it now
ms-settings:storagesense System – Storage
ms-settings:sync Accounts – Sync your settings
ms-settings:tabletmode System – Tablet mode
ms-settings:taskbar Personalization – Taskbar
ms-settings:themes Personalization – Themes
ms-settings:troubleshoot Update & security – Troubleshoot
ms-settings:typing Devices – Typing
ms-settings:usb Devices – USB
ms-settings:videoplayback Apps – Video Playback
ms-settings:wheel Devices – Wheel
ms-settings:wifi Network & Internet – Wifi
ms-settings:windowsdefender Update & security – Windows Defender
ms-settings:windowsinsider Update & security – Windows Insider Program
ms-settings:windowsinsider-optin Update & security – Windows Insider Program
ms-settings:windowsupdate Update & security – Windows Update
ms-settings:windowsupdate-action Update & security – Windows Update – Check for updates
ms-settings:windowsupdate-activehours Update & security – Windows Update – Change Active Hours
ms-settings:windowsupdate-history Update & security – Windows Update – Update History
ms-settings:windowsupdate-optionalupdates Update & security – Windows Update – View optional updates
ms-settings:windowsupdate-options Update & security – Windows Update – Advanced options
ms-settings:windowsupdate-restartoptions Update & security – Windows Update – Restart options
ms-settings:windowsupdate-seekerondemand Update & security – Windows Update – View optional updates
ms-settings:workplace Accounts – Access work or school
ms-settings:workplace-repairtoken Accounts – Access work or school
ms-settings:yourinfo Accounts – Your info

Last tested in Windows 10 22H2.

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4 thoughts on “Launch Settings Pages using ms-settings URL shortcuts”

  1. Hi,
    I’m looking for two URL shortcuts of ms-settings (Redstone1).

    1. Apps for websites — in System
    2. Notifications — in Privacy

    Could you please inform me about them, if possible?

    Best regards,
    Hideki Ashida (a Japanese in Tokyo)

  2. Suddenly all my ms-settings: and zoommtg: shortcuts stopped working and I could not create new ones. (suspected Win10 update but couldn’t find clues online.) Creating a shortcut using the ms-settings: protocol creates a .url link that starts Zoom!! Any thoughts on why my system doesn’t want to create the shortcut correctly?


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