Tweet Longer in 280 characters [] Using a Script?


Twitter has doubled the character limit of tweets from 140 to 280 chars yesterday. But it’s not yet available for everyone as Twitter is providing the long tweets feature to select accounts to begin with. However, there are a couple of tricks to get the 280 char tweets working for you.

Option 1: Juliette Pretot has a javascript bookmarklet which allows tweeting in 280 chars in TweetDeck web interface. Check out this page for the script bookmarklet. This works perfectly fine.

Option 2 (Twitter has blocked this workaround now): A Twitter user @Prof9 has a workaround to get 280 chars tweet feature right now.

Here is how to tweet with 280 characters, for PC/laptop users:

1. Install the Tampermonkey extension in your browser. Here are the download links for different browsers:

For Google Chrome | Microsoft Edge | Mozilla Firefox

2. Visit this Github page.

3. Click the “RAW” button, and click Install in the tampermonkey page. Alternately, you can copy and paste the code into Tampermonkey manually and install it.

4. Close all browser windows and reopen. Visit The Tampermonkey script will be running. You’ll now be able to tweet in 280 characters. No more cramped 140 char tweets.

After Twitter rolls out the 280 characters feature to all users in the coming weeks, you can uninstall TamperMonkey.


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