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“This App has Been Blocked for Your Protection” in Windows 10

When running the installer or setup file for a program, Windows 10 may display the message “This App has Been Blocked for Your Protection” and prevent the file from running. This is done for some very valid reasons. Windows 10 has set some strict guidelines for Windows Desktop Apps certification requirements, and if the application you’re trying to install doesn’t clear some of important checklists, the User Account Control blocks the app from installing.

There are cases where you may have to install a driver that’s unsigned, which you are well aware of, but that’s the only option you have. I myself had to install unsigned drivers for my systems with ASUS or other system boards. If the program or driver is from a well trusted source, here are a couple of workarounds you can use to successfully run the setup file. In this case I was trying to run the IrfanView 4.41 setup and Windows 10 blocked it from running.

User Account Control doesn’t interfere if you’re launching the setup from a program that’s already running elevated (as administrator). Task Manager is a fine example; it always runs elevated without even showing the UAC prompt to you. Another example would be Command Prompt (Admin), but it requires your consent when launching.

Launching Setup Using Task Manager

Hold the SHIFT key and right-click the setup file you want to run, and click Copy as Path

Launch Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and click File, Run new task

Paste the file name/path that was copied to Clipboard. Or manually type it.

Click Create this task with administrative privileges and click OK.

Launching Setup from Command Prompt (Admin)

Right-click Start, and click Command Prompt (Admin). This opens the elevated Command Prompt.

Type (or paste from clipboard) the path and file name of the setup program you want to run, and press ENTER

That should launch the Setup successfully.

Important: Microsoft has made the App certification checklist for very good reasons. The above methods are to be used only if you 100% trust the source and the software or driver you’re trying to install.

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