How to Schedule a System State Backup in Windows XP using NTBackup

The NTBackup tool in Windows XP can be used to schedule a System State backup job so that it runs once in a week or month, or at a specified date/time. This is another way to keep the registry hives in the repair folder updated regularly.

Thanks to MS-MVP William Crawford for the idea.

Scheduling System State Backup using NTBackup

1. Click Start, Run and type NTBackup.exe

2. Click Advanced Mode

3. Select the Schedule Jobs tab, and click the Add Job button

4. Click Next

5. Select Only back up the System State data, and click Next

6. Type a name for the backup, choose the destination path, and click Next

7. Enable Verify data after backup (optional) and click Next.

8. Select Replace the existing backups and click Next

9. Type a name for the job. Click the Set Schedule… button to assign a schedule. For example, you can configure the task to run daily, weekly, monthly or once at a specified date.

10. Click Finish.

A new NTBackup task is now created, which can be seen in the Task Scheduler window.

For more information about NTBackup command-line parameters, type, NTBackup.exe /? in the Start, Run dialog. If you’re using Windows XP Home Edition, the NTBackup tool needs to be installed from the Windows XP CD-ROM. See article Q302894 for more information.

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