How to Rename “Screen Resolution” in the Desktop Context Menu in Windows 7

In Windows 7, three new commands are added to the Desktop right-click menu namely, Screen Resolution, Gadgets and Personalize. This article tells you how to rename the Screen Resolution entry. "But what’s the point of renaming the entry?" you may ask.

Some users (that includes me), tend to use the keyboard shortcut ALT + FC to close application/explorer windows. So, when you’re on the Desktop namespace in Windows Explorer, and use the ALT + FC key sequence, the "Close" command isn’t invoked. That’s because "Screen Resolution" and "Close" use the same keyboard accelerator "c".

Note: A keyboard accelerator allows you to select a menu command or button by pressing ALT+<single letter>

Regardless, one can use the CTRL+W key sequence to close a window.

This only happens when you’re browsing the Desktop namespace. If it doesn’t bother you much, then you may skip the rest of this article.

For those who still use the ALT+FC key combination to close application windows, you may do one of the following:

  • Rename the Screen resolution entry
  • Change the keyboard accelerator for the entry
  • Delete the entry altogether (if you don’t plan to launch it via the context menu.)

Renaming / Changing Keyboard Accelerator for "Screen resolution" menu

1. Launch Regedit.exe and navigate to:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ DesktopBackground \ Shell \ Display

2. Right-click on the key and choose Permissions

3. Click Advanced, and select the Owner tab

4. Under Change owner to, select Administrators

5. Click OK

6. In the Security tab, select the Administrators group

7. Assign Full Control Permission (checkbox)

8. Click OK.

9. Select the Display registry key

10. Double-click the (default) value.

By default, the following value data (pointing to a resource string) is assigned:


11. Type in your preferred name (say "Display") in the (default) text box, and click OK.

Tip: If you don’t want to rename the entry, but only need to change the keyboard accelerator (to "s") for the entry, type in:

&Screen resolution

12. Exit the Registry Editor.

And the keyboard accelerator for Screen resolution has changed!

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