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[Fix] Quick Access View Incorrect – Frequent Folders and Recent Files Are Not Grouped Separately

The Quick Access folder view groups Frequent Folders and Recent Files separately. Occasionally, the Quick Access may show up in a incorrect view, such as mixing up the Frequent Folders and Recent Files items. The following is the default Quick Access folder view:

The following image depicts the problem where Frequent Folders and Recent Files are mixed up, instead of being grouped separately.

Here is another variation of this problem, where the items are mixed up, and can neither be grouped separately nor be sorted by Type.

To fix the problem, close all folder windows except the one with the Quick Access view showing.

Important: Before following these steps, make sure you’re in the Quick Access view, and NOT in This PC view.

Right-click the Quick Access star icon, and click Options

Click the View tab, and click Reset Folders

Click OK. This resets the folder views for Quick Access folder (only), and shouldn’t affect other folders.

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