Opera 42 released with Currency Converter and Feed Discovery features

Opera browser has already got some noteworthy features like built-in free VPN, Battery Saver etc., this year. Two more features got added in Opera 42 (stable) which was released earlier today.

Built-in Currency Converter

Opera 42 comes with a currency converter which can be useful when you shop online at foreign eCommerce sites and want to see the product pricing in your local currency. Simply select the price you want to convert on the shopping page and Opera will automatically show it in your local currency.

opera 42 currency converter feature

You can change the target currency via Opera Settings (Alt + P) > Browser > User interface section. Opera 42 supports conversion in 32 currencies based on daily values from the European Central Bank.

opera 42 currency converter feature

It’s predicted (based on research) that by the year 2020 45% of online shoppers worldwide will purchase products from foreign online stores.

Faster Startup

Startup improvements were first introduced in Opera 41. The developers at Opera seem to have further improved the startup times in Opera 42 so that the browser is now smarter as well as faster. Quoting from Opera’s blog post:

We now take into account which tabs were most recently used before you quit Opera, instead of relying on the order of tabs to determine which ones to load on startup.

Feed Discovery / Notification icon on the address bar

You can now easily add website feeds to your news sources. If a page publishes a web feed, a little newspaper icon will appear in the address bar. Click on it and then select one of the feeds to open. You can add it to your existing sources if you want.

opera 42 feed discovery

Feed discovery or notification feature is disabled by default to keep your address bar clean. To turn on feed discovery — newspaper icon, you can do so by going to Settings > Browser > Personal news, and enabling the checkbox for “Show available news feeds on address bar.”

opera 42 feed discovery

Src: 20 year edition: Opera 42 ships with new gifts – Opera Desktop

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