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What does Microsoft Support’s Self Healing or Software Repair Tool do

Microsoft Technical Support has a new “Windows Self healing tool” (or “Windows Software Repair Tool”) which resets the system configuration, reinstalls main system apps, repairs system files and fixes Windows Update issues.

Here is a detailed report on what the tool does exactly.

The opening screen of the tool reads: Fix Software Problems — Having trouble with your Surface? This tool will make sure it’s up to date and help find and fix software issues.

The tool says it performs the following operations:

1. Repair system components and detect corrupt files

2. Repair system corruption

3. Windows Update

I gave this tool a shot in my test machine, and observed what it does.


First, it creates a System Restore point – that’s a good thing. Windows 10 upgrade disable System Restore by default, and this tool enables System Restore for the system drive before attempting to create a restore point.

Note that if a recent restore point exists (created within last 24 hours), no restore point is created — which is the default behavior in Windows 8 and higher.

1. Starts the Windows Time service and syncs the system date and time using (w32tm.exe /resync)

2. Reinstalls *System* App packages using PowerShell. all the bloatware will be back.

3. Resets Winsock, proxy settings & the firewall settings

4. Resets WSUS cookie/authorization. (wuauclt.exe)

5. Resets Windows Store using wsreset.exe

6. Runs the "WindowsUpdate\Automatic App Update" Scheduled Task.

7. Resets the Security Descriptor for Windows Update and BITS services

8. Stops these 5 system services: Windows Update, BITS, Cryptographic Services, Application Identity, Update Orchestrator service for WU

9. Deletes qmgr*.dat files from “Network\Downloader\” folder

10. Deletes SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 folders

11. Registers these DLL files:

12. Performs component cleanup using DISM

13. Repairs Windows image using PowerShell/DISM (RestoreHealth)

14. Runs Sfc /Scannow

15. Restores default power schemes.

16. Runs Windows Update after a reboot, and also updates Defender.

That lists most of the things done by this tool – it’s comprehensive and may be a overkill depending upon what you use this tool for. It would have been better if they include checkboxes for each operation so that you can perform a particular or a set of operations to fix a specific issue you may be facing.

Download link: New MS Tool to repair problems with Anniversary Update available – Microsoft Community

Post last revised on 8-21-2016 to make it more accurate. It’s possible that this tool performs additional repairs along with the tasks listed in this post. Hope Microsoft releases a clear documentation on this tool.

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