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Lock Screen Slideshow: Folder isn’t supported because of its location

When you attempt to add a folder source for the lock screen slideshow by clicking on the Browse button and choosing the folder, the following message appears:

The <foldername> folder isn't supported because of its location. Please choose another folder.

And the chosen folder is not added to the list.

The issue arises if you click on the Quick access/Home link and choose a special folder or its subfolders. The result is the same if you type the full path (e.g., “C:\Users\Ramesh\Pictures\Screenshots“) manually in the browse dialog box.


To workaround the issue, browse the folder path manually from the Desktop namespace or This PC.

  1. After you click “Browse,” in the file picker dialog, click “This PC” in the navigation pane.
  2. Double-click the OS drive — e.g., C:\
  3. Double-click “Users”.
  4. Double-click your user profile folder.
  5. Select Pictures.
  6. Click Choose this folder.

Repeat the procedure for every folder/album you want to add to the lock screen slideshow.

I hope that helps.

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