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Create Tile Folders to Organize Start Menu Tiles in Windows 10

Windows 10 build 14977 introduces some cool new features. Previously I wrote about the native blue light filtering support in Windows 10 Creators Update. Another new feature in this build is that you can create live folders (aka tile folders, or app folders) in the Start screen, the feature which you’ve already seen in mobile Operating Systems.

This post is based on the Creators Update Insider Preview build 14997, which is not publicly available yet. The feature documented on this page may be available in the final release of Windows 10 Creators Update, which is supposed to be available in March 2017.

Create Live Folders in Windows 10 Start menu

In the Windows 10 Start screen, you can organize multiple tiles into a folder. For instance, you can put all the Office application suite into a live folder to make the Start screen clutter-free.

1. Open Windows 10 Start menu.

2. Click and drag a tile and drop it over another tile you want to place in one single folder.

3. The result will be a “live folder” which is automatically created. To collapse the live folder, simply click the chevron.

You can resize the live folder just the same way you resize a tile. And the live folder will show the miniature icon for each tile included in it.

Here is an animated .gif image that shows how you can group multiple tiles into a folder, in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.

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