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Restore Missing “Mount” and “Burn Disk Image” Right-Click Options [ISO/IMG]

If the Mount and Burn disk image options are missing when you right-click an .ISO or .IMG file, it’s caused by wrong file association settings. Here is how to restore the missing “Burn disk image” and “Mount” commands back in the right-click menu in Windows 10 and 11.

Using Default Apps

  1. Click Start, Settings, and click Apps.
  2. Click Default apps
  3. Click “Set defaults by app”
  4. Scroll down the list, locate “Windows Disk Image Burner”
  5. Select “Windows Disk Image Burner”, and click Manage
  6. Select Windows Explorer option from the drop-down for both .img and .iso file types.

If that doesn’t help, run the Registry File below.

Registry Fix

Download, unzip, and run the enclosed Registry file. This restores the default file type associations for .IMG and .ISO file types in Windows 10 and 11. Note that the registry file applies to Windows 11 as well.

That should add the missing entries back in the context menu.


Note that despite the missing context menu commands, you can mount or burn disk images manually:

Burn disk image

Note that you can also use the following command-line syntax to burn disk image.

ISOBURN.EXE [/Q] [<drive letter>:] <disc image file name>

/Q: Starts burning in the Burn Disc Image window.


ISOBURN.EXE "E:\Windows ISO\Win11_English_x64.iso"
ISOBURN.EXE /Q "E:\Windows ISO\Win11_English_x64.iso"
ISOBURN.EXE /Q F: "E:\Windows ISO\Win11_English_x64.iso"


To mount the ISO or IMG file, right-click on the file, select “Open with” and click “Windows Explorer.

This opens (mounts) the ISO to the next available drive letter automatically.

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