How to Turn off Magnifier?


Q:  I opened up voice recognition on my computer running Windows Vista. Since then the Magnifier starts up automatically at every startup. How do I disable Magnifier?

A:  Click Start, All programs, Accessories, Ease of Access, and Ease of Access Center. Click Make the computer easier to see. Uncheck the option Turn on Magnifier. Click Save.

If the above option is enabled, Magnifier starts whenever you logon to your computer.

Then click the Magnifier icon in the Taskbar (to maximize the window), and select Exit from the File menu in Magnifier.


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5 thoughts on “How to Turn off Magnifier?”

  1. yes, i’ve been looking for this fix and i have found many helpful sites. BUT, i generally get at he same information and i have to say that going into ease of accces and unclicking the magnifier and narrator DOES NOT WORK. Magnifier will continue to pop up at times it isn’t supposed to. does anyone have a real fix yet?

  2. This is how to fix: control panel/mouse/device settings/settings/pinch zoom/uncheck…this works, but i have had it come back so you might have to do it again.

  3. how do I turn off magnifier permanently from coming i
    up each time I turn on my computer. I exit every time it comes up, but it wouldn’t just go permanently…..anyone out there who can help, this stuff is driving me crazy……………..I hate “THE MAGNIFIER”

  4. The Windows Magnifier comes up when you press the Windows Key and the Plus key simultaneously. To close it quickly press the Windows Key and the Escape key.

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