How to hide the “Delete” command from Recycle Bin context menu in Windows Vista


Previously we saw how to restore the Recycle Bin that has been deleted accidentally in Windows Vista. This article tells you how to hide the Delete command from the Context Menu of the Recycle Bin, and replace it with Search… command. This is a counter-measure to prevent accidental deletion of the Recycle bin icon from the Desktop in Windows Vista.

The Delete command from the Recycle Bin context menu in Windows Vista cannot be removed, but can be hidden by using a tweak that I found. To hide the Delete command and replace it with a Search… command, use these steps:

Download the file, and extract the contents to a folder. Right-click on the file Vista_recyclebin_hidedelete.reg and choose Merge.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation. Click Yes to continue. After applying the REG file, the Recycle bin context menu will appear as in Fig 1 below:

                    (Fig 1)

To reverse the changes, to show the Delete option (default setting), run the file Vista_recyclebin_showdelete.reg closed in the zip file. After applying the undo REG file, the Delete option should be restored, as in the figure below.

                    (Fig 2)


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