How to Hide the Taskbar Completely using Shortcut in Windows

When you’re playing a game or using an application that’s better optimized for full-screen mode, the taskbar can be a distraction. You can set the taskbar to auto-hide using taskbar Properties or Settings window in Windows 10, by enabling “Auto-hide the taskbar” checkbox.

taskbar auto-hide

In Windows 10 Settings, the option is called Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode. With the taskbar auto-hide option enabled, when you move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen, the taskbar pops up automatically. Especially when gaming, you don’t want the taskbar to pop-up at all. This post tells you how to completely hide the taskbar in Windows 10 and earlier.

How to Completely Hide the Taskbar?

NirCmd is a multi-purpose command-line tool that can help you hide the taskbar or any program window. It can hide or show programs, based on the title bar text or Window class.

The following command hides the Taskbar completely.

nircmd.exe win hide class Shell_TrayWnd

To show the taskbar, use the show option:

nircmd.exe win show class Shell_TrayWnd

To show/hide (toggle) the Taskbar, use this command-line:

nircmd.exe win togglehide class Shell_TrayWnd

Shell_TrayWnd is the Window class name for the taskbar. You may create a desktop shortcut(s) for the above, and assign hotkey as required. For example, Ctrl + Alt + T to hide/show. You can still access the Start menu by pressing F3 or WinKey.

Before hiding the Taskbar using NirCmd, make sure you also enable the Auto-hide setting so that the screen space occupied by the Taskbar can be utilized. Otherwise, space would appear blank and programs can’t use that screen space.

See NirCmd Command Reference for more information.

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2 thoughts on “How to Hide the Taskbar Completely using Shortcut in Windows”

  1. Thanks but this solution doesn’t work properly.

    If you don’t first enable the taskbar autohide settings in Windows 10 and instead manually hide/show the taskbar using the nircmd.exe Windows hotkey method suggested here, Windows will not maximize fullscreen to take up the part of the taskbar space at the bottom of the screen that’s hidden…

    Then, if you enable the taskbar autohide to use with nircmd (so Windows maximise fullscreen properly), the problem is that the taskbar automatically hides when you click on the screen which is pointless since the entire idea here is to have manual control via hotkey(s) to show or hide the Windows taskbar.

    In other words, it defeats the purpose to be forced to enable the built-in Windows taskbar autohide feature and then use nircmd.exe to hide/show/toggle the Shell_TrayWnd

  2. What the first commenter said.

    Recommended: lead off with the fact that this solution is 3rd party software. How about just sharing the registry changes taht do this, if you want to have a good blog?

    But more than that, you’ve gone to a significant amount of trouble to obscure any DATE display on this webpage. Not on top. Not on bottom. Not in the URL. And, oh come on now, not even on comments, as I view this in Chrome. This is a technical article. Failure to date the article, and the comments, generally wastes the viewers’ time. If you want your blog to take off as you ask specifically for help achieving, you are making a number of bad moves.


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