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Fix: Timeline Feature is not working in Windows 10

Windows 10 Timeline, part of Windows 10 Task View, shows the list of (history) of activities you’ve performed on your computer during the past weeks. Also, you can sync activities across your Windows 10 devices. You can then easily pick up where you left off. The ‘Timeline’ feature is part of Windows 10 April 2018 Update (aka. Spring Creators Update). When sync is enabled, Timeline can also work with your mobile apps (Microsoft account sign-in required). For example, an Office document you viewed on your mobile would show up in the Timeline on your Windows 10 computer.

If the April 2018 Spring Creators Update’s Timeline feature doesn’t work, make sure that the feature is turned on.

  1. Open the Settings window [Winkey + i]
  2. Click Privacy and select Activity History.
  3. Enable these two options:

Note that turning on the sync option is optional, but enabling it provides atleast 2 more benefits.

For example, let’s say that you were editing a Word document on your PC, but you were unable to finish before you had to leave the office for the day.

That’s it! You’ve now enabled the Timeline feature in Windows 10.

[Video] Windows 10 Timeline: How to Use

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