[Fix] Error FFMPEG.DLL not found when Starting Microsoft Teams or Other Apps

When you start Microsoft Teams, Discord, or other apps on your Windows computer, you may receive the following error message or similar:

Teams.exe - System Error

The code execution cannot proceed because ffmpeg.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.

ffmpeg.dll error in microsoft teams

Let’s see how to fix the “ffmpeg.dll was not found” error if you’re using Microsoft Teams.

[Fix] Error FFMPEG.DLL was not found when Starting Microsoft Teams

Method 1: Copy ffmpeg.dll from the “current-s1” folder

Open the following folder:


If a sub-folder named current-s1 exists, then you can get ffmpeg.dll from that folder and copy it to the following folder:


If copying ffmpeg.dll alone doesn’t do the trick, you can also you can select all the files in “current-s1” and paste it to the “current” folder, thereby replacing teams.exe as well.

Method 2: Clear Microsoft Teams Cache and reinstall the program

  1. Uninstall Microsoft Teams via Apps & Features or Add or Remove Programs in the classic Control Panel.
  2. Then clear Microsoft Teams cache. To do so, open the two folders.

    (To open the above folders, paste the above path(s) in the Run dialog or File Explorer address bar and press Enter)

  3. In the above locations, rename the folder named Teams to Teams.old
  4. Then, reinstall Microsoft Teams again.

This should fix the error “ffmpeg.dll was not found” in most cases.

Method 3: Download ffmpeg.dll manually

If none of the above steps resolve the ffmpeg.dll error, you can download ffmpeg.dll for Microsoft Teams and place the file in the following folder location:


ffmpeg.dll file information:

MD5		: 01fbafa6d797dc7f9a8c5c079eea97cf
SHA1		: 005e5e0d1d3ffa0803e437ab10589fb608b2216f
SHA256		: e742dc2d3f345afe7860c2b04b600a10f01162628bb24a781f5f13117635e142
Verified	: Signed
Signing date	: 1:51 AM 11/12/2021
Publisher	: Microsoft 3rd Party Application Component
Product		: Microsoft Teams
Prod version	: n/a
File version	: n/a
MachineType	: 64-bit

Additional Information

Note that the ffmpeg.dll was not found error may occur in other apps as well. Some of the other apps which may throw the error include Skype, Musixmatch, Whatsapp, Discord, etc. Reinstalling the corresponding app should resolve the error in most cases.

Also, some users have observed that closing the “Discord” and/or “Signal” app did resolve the ffmpeg.dll in Microsoft Teams. To see if two or more apps are conflicting with each other, close the remaining apps to diagnose the problem.

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