Firefox Edge : Microsoft Edge Theme for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Edge is a theme for Mozilla Firefox that replicates the look of Microsoft Edge browser (both light & dark themes), without losing any features of Firefox.

To install this theme, first install the Stylish Add-on. Then, visit Firefox Edge page at

Choose either “Light” or “Dark” from the Theme drop-down box, and click Install with Stylish.

edge theme for firefox

Here is Firefox’s default UI.

firefox edge theme

After installing the skin and restarting Firefox, here is how it looks.

edge theme for firefox

And here is how the dark theme looks like.

edge theme for firefox

To install the skin manually, you need to create the Stylesheet file userChrome.css in your Firefox profile folder. More information available at Firefox-Edge GitHub page.

The theme is applied only to the top level visuals — which means the context menu, popup and settings pages etc will keep their default look.

Src: Sapierens on Reddit

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