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FileTypeDiag Dumps Complete File Type Association Information

FileTypeDiag is a useful tool that exports the complete file association information of a specified file type to a log file. Check out FileTypeDiag from, the same site which released a popular fix for the Adobe PDF thumbnails issue.

This tool can be helpful in troubleshooting cases such as:

FileTypeDiag Utility

FileTypeDiag generates complete file association information for the file extension you specify. File type associations can be a complicated thing for many, but this tool makes everything easy by listing out all the file class data and also the Default Programs registration details for troubleshooting.

In the FileTypeDiag window, type the file extension which you want to investigate and click Save. The output is saved to a text file.

Tip: To output the “Folder”, “Directory”, and “Drive” association information, leave the “File extension” text box blank, and click Save…

If you’re not sure what exactly to look for in the text file, zip the file and send it to someone who can interpret the entries.

Editor’s note: I created a similar utility named FileExtInfo several years back, and haven’t had the chance to update it for the latest versions of Windows. Although it just runs fine even in Windows 10 but doesn’t enumerate entries in the 32-bit node in Windows 64-bit systems.

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