Fake uBlock Extension Appears at Chrome Web Store. Watch Out!

uBlock Origin is a widely used and recommended Chrome extension to filter bad ads and scripts. Due to its popularity (installed by 5,228,612 users, as of this post), some fakes (mis)using the name of uBlock appear in Chrome Web Store.

Fortunately, the security company Malwarebytes has spotted a fake uBlock extension at the Chrome Store. The fake extension when installed, redirects users to a web page requesting users to register for a “uBlock account”, asking for Personally Identifiable Information like email id and mobile number.

The website of the fake uBlock extension author is behind Cloudflare, which makes it difficult to trace the origin.

Note: The “original” uBlock Origin extension doesn’t require any registration.


ublock chrome extension faked
Real uBlock Extension

ublock chrome extension faked
Fake uBlock Extension

And this is not the first time a fake uBlock extension appeared in Chrome Store. Similar thing happened back in April ’06, and later on Google removed the fake extension.

Thanks & Credits to Malwarebytes for finding this out, and spreading the information. Also, check out Imitation UBlock Origin App Spotted On Chrome Store | Malwarebytes Labs.

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