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How to Fix Event ID 414 Task Misconfiguration Errors in System Event Log?

Task Scheduler may write Event ID 414 entries mentioning "Task Scheduler service found a misconfiguration in the NT TASK\task name" in the System Event log. This happens if the program or script which the task was configured to launch, is missing.

For example, here is a 414 event from the System log, showing the task name as well as the file name that’s configured to run. In this case it’s the Restore Point Creator task causing the problem.

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler
Event ID: 414
Task Category: Task Misconfiguration
Level: Warning
Computer: W10Insider
Task Scheduler service found a misconfiguration in the NT TASK\Restore Point Creator definition.
Additional Data: Error Value: C:\Program Files\RP Creator\rpcreator.exe.

This task was originally added by a 3rd party program but the program no longer exists in the system. The file "C:\Program Files\RP Creator\rpcreator.exe" (nor the folder path) was present, which caused Scheduler to log it (Event ID 414) every time the task ran. The obsolete task can be deleted using Task Scheduler.

Delete the Invalid Task Using Task Scheduler

Click Start, type scheduler. Click Task Scheduler in search results. In the Task Scheduler library, right-click the task named "Restore Point Creator" (as mentioned in the log), and choose Delete.

Close Task Scheduler. That should do it!

Note: The task location would be mentioned in the event log in every case. For instance, if the description says “NT TASK\Apple\AppleTask definition”, then you’ll need to expand the Task Scheduler Library, select the branch named Apple and delete the task named AppleTask.

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