How to Enable InPrivate Filtering by Default in Internet Explorer 8

This post tells you how to have InPrivate “Filtering” always enabled. If you’re looking for information on how to always start IE in "InPrivate Browsing" mode by default, see post How To Start Internet Explorer In InPrivate Browsing Mode By Default?

InPrivate Filtering is a feature introduced in Internet Explorer 8 which provides users with greater control over which third-parties can potentially track your browsing activities. InPrivate Filtering is turned off by default, and can be activated using the CTRL + SHIFT + F key sequence, or via the menu options. The problem is that the InPrivate Filtering feature is not automatically enabled when you open a new Internet Explorer window, and users need to enable it on a per-session basis. However, there is a registry edit to enable InPrivate Filtering by default in every Internet Explorer session.

This registry hack is a courtesy of MSDN Blogs.

Enable InPrivate Filtering by default in IE8

1. Launch Regedit.exe and navigate to:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Safety \ PrivacIE

If the above branch or its parent does not exist, you need to create the keys manually.

2. Create a new DWORD value named StartMode

3. Double-click StartMode and set 1 as its data

Registry Fix

Download, unzip and extract the files to a folder.

Run the file inpriv-filt-enable.reg.

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8 thoughts on “How to Enable InPrivate Filtering by Default in Internet Explorer 8”

  1. THANK YOU, it worked perfectly. Why not having this option at the first place? Easy to understand why it is nevertheless a real frustration if we do not wnow how.

    THANKS again

  2. @Ramesh you are a legend! thank-you very very much. IE8 has so many wonderful features that i switched back to it from my exile 😉 to FF ….but it was this not-enabled-by default aspect that was a bit odd on MS’s part.

    thanks again! 😀

  3. This registry entry did not make IE8 InPrivate browsing the default IE8 browser. Was that the intent? If so, it did not work in my Windows XP Professional PC.

    • @Mark: That’s not what the fix does. It enables InPrivate *Filtering* by default, not InPrivate Browsing.

  4. Okay Ramesh, some of us are only users, not programmers, so:
    1) What the heck is a D Word value and how do you create it?
    2) How would you “create the keys manually”?
    3) How do you “set 1 as it’s Data”
    4) Why do you then list “Registry Fix” , is that what the download beneath it is?
    5)After the download, do I open a NEW file, or extract it to any folder to use it?
    Could you be a bit more ambiguous, especially when I’m going to be messing with my Registry?

  5. I had hoped that your fix would also wake up InPrivate Filtering so that it appears on IE8 for me, but not such luck. I also lack InPrivate Browsing and the Safety menu or button. My OS is Windows XP with SP 3. Any suggestions?

  6. ya know what? if i could rewrite/change software programs – i wouldn’t be wasting time on asking for advice – i’d be writing it.

    i remain COMPLETELY underwhelmed at how nonuser friendly such options remain. sorry, but if i am having trouble with the performance of the machine – i don’t think “creating” a new variable will help one bit – thank you very little.

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