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Display has gone Upside Down or Turned 90 Degrees in Windows (with Intel or Nvidia Graphics)

If your display has gone upside down or turned right (awkwardly) by 90 degrees in Windows, you may have accidentally hit a hotkey combo. Here is how to revert the display back to normal.

Use Ctrl + Alt + Up hotkey to set the rotation back to 0 Degrees. Here is the list of default hotkeys used by Intel Graphics.

Ctrl  + Alt + Up – Rotation set to 0 degrees.

Ctrl + Alt + Left – Rotates to 90 Degrees

Ctrl + Alt + Down – Rotates to 180 Degrees

Ctrl + Alt + Right – Rotate to 270 Degrees

Using Intel Graphics Control Panel

Right-click Desktop and click Graphics Properties. Or simply launch Intel Graphics from Control Panel, or by running “C:\WINDOWS\system32\GfxUIEx.exe”.

Click Display, and set the Rotation to 0

That’s it. Next, disable the hotkeys so that you don’t accidentally change the rotation settings. To do so, go back to the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel home screen, click Options and Support.

Under Manage Hotkeys, click Disable. Click Apply.

NVIDIA Control Panel

If you’re using NVIDIA graphics adapter, launch the NVIDIA Control Panel and change your rotation settings there. Right-click the Windows desktop, then click NVIDIA Control Panel from the context menu. Alternately, right-click Start, click Control Panel. From the Control Panel, set to icons view. Click NVIDIA Control Panel.

In NVIDIA Control Panel, under “Select a Task…” click Rotate display.

Select “No rotation (Landscape)”.

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