Determine the DDR Memory Module Type, Capacity and Part Number Quickly

This post explains two different ways to find full information about the Memory module installed in your system, without using 3rd party tools. You may need the existing Memory module information such as the type, part number, number of available slots, capacity and speed if you plan to upgrade the RAM.

Determine Memory Module Type Using Task Manager

Start Task Manager, select the Performance tab, and click Memory.

determine memory module type

This tab lists the available and used memory along with memory chip information such as the module capacity, speed, type and the number of available slots.

Determine Memory Module Type, part Number, Model, Speed etc Using WMIC console tool

The Windows Management Instrumentation is an extremely useful tool to view hardware information and automate system tasks. You can use WMI’s command-line tool (WMIC) to view memory chip information. Open a Command Prompt window and type:

wmic memorychip get |clip

This copies the memory module information to clipboard, which you can paste in Notepad or any text editor of choice.

determine memory module type

The following properties of your Memory module are shown using the above command. However, the data for some fields/properties show up empty.

  • BankLabel
  • Capacity
  • DataWidth
  • Description
  • DeviceLocator
  • FormFactor
  • HotSwappable
  • InstallDate
  • InterleaveDataDepth
  • InterleavePosition
  • Manufacturer
  • MemoryType
  • Model
  • Name
  • OtherIdentifyingInfo
  • PartNumber
  • PositionInRow
  • PoweredOn
  • Removable
  • Replaceable
  • SKU
  • SerialNumber
  • Speed
  • Status
  • Tag
  • TotalWidth
  • TypeDetail
  • Version

If you need only specific data required in order to purchase a new module, you’d run this command:

wmic memorychip get banklabel, manufacturer, partnumber, speed, MemoryType, devicelocator

determine memory module type

That shows the the Manufacturer Name, Part Number, Memory type, Socket Name, speed of the memory chip.

DeviceLocator field tells you the label of the socket in the System board that holds the memory, such as DIMM1, DIMM2, DIMM 3 and DIMM4.

The most important field is the Memory type. It’s indicated in CIM values. A value of 20 means DDR, 21 is DDR2, 22 is DDR2 FB-DIMM, 24 is DDR3.

This MSDN page has all the details about the WMI’s physicalmemory class.

Part Number is another useful information that can help when purchasing memory chip online; you can look up the Part Number on the web or in your favorite shopping site.

determine memory module type

You don’t always need a module of the exact same Part Number. Memory chip from any manufacturer should work fine, provided the specifications match.

Also, there are some excellent third-party tools such as HWiNFO and Speccy which show wealth of information about the hardware installed in your computer.

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