Copy URLs of All Open Tabs in Chrome, Firefox, Edge

We saw one of the ways to Copy Title and URLs from all open tabs in Internet Explorer. For Google Chrome and Firefox, there are many add-ons or extensions for this purpose. This post features a couple of nice extensions that can copy the URLs for the current tab, current window, or all windows. Further, both these add-ons allow nice customization as to how the title and links are copied.

Copy URLs of All Open Tabs in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge

Mozilla Firefox

The Firefox extension Export Tabs URLs (ETU) provides the following options:

  • Include titles: Export Tabs URLs (ETU) provides a default format that displays titles along with tabs URLs.
  • Custom format: Custom patterns can be defined instead of the default “include titles” one (e.g. markdown.)
  • Filter tabs: ETU provides a RegExp-enabled tabs filter.
  • Limit to the current window: Optionally, the list can be limited to the current window.
  • Ignore pinned tabs: You can configure ETU to ignore pinned tabs.

By default, this add-on can copy URLs or the Title & URLs in non-markup format. But you can customize the markup as you wish. From the Export Tabs URLs Extension options page, you can set different markups.

Copy URL and Title of All Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

  • {title} : title of a tab
  • {url} : URL of a tab
  • {window-id} : ID of the window containing a tab
  • \r\n : new line

To copy the Title (with a trailing colon) followed by the URL in the next line, modify the default markup to:


After modifying the setting, this is how it gets copied (with the trailing colon) – exactly as I wanted.

Export Tabs URLs – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US):

Replace Default User Account Avatar in Windows 10 » Winhelponline:


If you want to the copy title and URL in Markdown format, use this custom format:


which will result in the items being copied in the following format:

[Export Tabs URLs – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)](

[Replace Default User Account Avatar in Windows 10 » Winhelponline](


Another neat feature is the Filter option. You can filter the list by keyword or regular expression and copy the filtered results to the clipboard.

Copy URL and Title of All Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

Another simple extension you may want to check out is Copy All Tab Urls WE. With this extension, you can copy the URLs or Title & URLs. It doesn’t allow you to customize the markdown, etc. But if you a simple copy URL extension for Firefox, this is exactly what you want.

Copy URL and Title of All Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

Tested with Firefox version 66.0.4, which is current as of this post.

Google Chrome

Tab Copy is an awesome add-on for Google Chrome, that allows good customization and it’s pretty simple to use. Installing it adds an icon to the top-right area in the address bar. You can also configure it to show the tab copy options in the context menu.

Copy URL and Title of All Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

It offers two modes — Simply mode and Fancy mode. In simple mode, to copy URLs, you either have to click the icon, double-click or triple-click it depending upon what you want.

  • Single-click: Copies selected tabs in the current window
  • Double-click: Copies all tabs in the current window
  • Triple-click: Copies all tabs

In Fancy mode, you’ll see a pop-up menu showing these options which are self-explanatory:

Copy URL and Title of All Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

As to what’s copied to the clipboard when using this extension, you can configure it in the extension options. Right-click the Tab Copy icon and choose Options. It provides multiple formats for you to choose from. The following pre-defined choices are available:

  • URL
  • Compact
  • Expanded
  • Link (hyperlink)
  • Markdown
  • BB Code
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • HTML
  • HTML Table
  • Custom

I selected Expanded to get the Title, followed by the URL.

Copy URL and Title of All Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

To add a colon after the title, use the Custom format → [title]:[n][url].

As you change the template, the preview is automatically shown on the right.

Copy URL and Title of All Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox

Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

Titles Extension (from Microsoft Edge Addons) is a simple add-on that adds a toolbar button that shows a dialog. The flyout menu allows you to copy the current page title and URL to the clipboard. There is also a “Copy all Tab URLs”, but that option copies only the URLs (without title) for all open tabs in Edge.

copy tab urls edge chromium

In addition to copying as HTML, there are options to get the title and URL as Markdown or in Wiki format. With HTML Address tag output, you can also select the link target (new window, or current window). The pop-up dialog allows customization and adjustment before copying to the clipboard.

RELATED: To copy the current tab URL and title without using an extension, check out the blog post Microsoft Edge Copy Title and URL of a Web Page [Bookmarklet]

Last updated on 10-May-2021.

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