Copy URLs (Website Addresses) of All Open Tabs in Internet Explorer

When searching about a topic in the internet, one might easily end up opening a couple a dozen of web sites in separate tabs. What would you do if you need to copy all those URLs to make a note of them in your document, or send them to a friend? Rather than copying one URL at a time, here is a smart way to do it en masse, in Internet Explorer.

1. Click the Tools menu (ALT + T) and click Internet Options

2. In the Home page section, click the Use current button.

This adds all the URLs from current open tabs to the text box.

3. Right-click on the text box, click Select All

4. Right-click on the selection and then click Copy

5. Click Cancel to close Internet Options without altering the Home page settings.

6. Open Notepad and paste (CTRL + V) the data.

Note: If using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, there are some useful add-ons or extensions that can copy tab URLs to clipboard in a single click, which is covered in article How to Copy URL and Title of All Open Tabs in Chrome and Firefox?.

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3 thoughts on “Copy URLs (Website Addresses) of All Open Tabs in Internet Explorer”

  1. Nice trick.

    Though unfortunately, when I am researching, I must include all sorts of source information such as title, work title, author, publisher, date, access date and URL. I pretty much have to extract a lot from each tab.

    But it wasn’t the worst part: Sometimes I’d like to print a web page but there is this fairly large mass of hyperlinks which are lost in print. I have to manually extract their URLs and insert in parentheses in front of them.

  2. Simply brilliant trick! Never thought about this! For Firefox, there’s an addon called CopyAll but this trick is JUST FANTASTIC.

    Btw Ramesh, why do you blog so less these days. Your blog is very informative.

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