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How to Clear Task Scheduler History in Windows

Task Scheduler in Windows tracks events for each task which can be viewed by opening the task properties and clicking on the History tab. The entries are stored in the Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler event log. To clear the events history for all tasks, use the instructions in this article.

Clear Task Scheduler History in Windows

  1. Launch the Event Viewer from the Start menu or by running the eventvwr.msc command.
  2. Navigate to the following branch in the Event Viewer:
    Event Viewer (Local)/Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows/TaskScheduler/Operational
  3. Right-click Operational and click Clear Log…
  4. Click the Clear button.

In Windows 8/10, you may also see a Maintenance category, here:

Event Viewer (Local)/Applications and Services Logs/Microsoft/Windows/TaskScheduler/Maintenance

That can be cleared in the same way.

This erases the task scheduler events history for all tasks.

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