How to Add “Merge (as User)” Right-Click Menu Option for REG Files

When logged on to an administrator account in a Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC and attempt to merge a .REG file, you’ll see the User Account Control (UAC) prompt asking for your consent to allow the process to start. Regedit.exe uses the highestavailable execution level (as specified in its manifest) and thus it prompts for consent to launch with the highest available privilege.

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File Association Fixes for Windows 7 and Windows Vista

This page contains the file association fixes for some of the common file types. These fixes are applicable for Windows® 7 and Windows® Vista systems only. File association fixes for Windows 7 AVI IMG SCR BAT INF TIF/TIFF BMP JPE/JPEG/JPG TXT CHM JS VBS CMD LNK WMA COM MP3 WMV … Read more

How to Restore NTBackup .BKF in Windows?

There are many users who back up their data using the NTBackup Tool in Windows XP, then clean install or upgrade Windows and later realize that the newer version of Windows doesn’t include the NTBackup Tool. This post explains the two methods to restore data from .BKF file format after upgrading.Read more

Fix for Event Log Service Startup Error 1079

When you start the Event Viewer, the following error message may be shown. Event Log service is unavailable. Verify that the service is running. Any attempts to start the Event Log service results in the following error: Windows could not start the Windows Event Log service on Local Computer.Error 1079: … Read more

How to Clear Task Scheduler History in Windows

Task Scheduler in Windows tracks events for each task which can be viewed by opening the task properties and clicking on the History tab. The entries are stored in the Microsoft-Windows-TaskScheduler event log. To clear the events history for all tasks, use the instructions in this article.Read more

How to Make Folders Appear as Cascading Menu in the Quick Launch Toolbar

When you create sub-folders in the Quick Launch folder to better organize the shortcuts, the folders will appear in the Quick Launch toolbar correctly, but clicking them would launch Windows Explorer. Some people would like to view the contents of the folder (cascaded as a list) rather than opening the folder when clicked. Here is how to make folders in the Quick Launch toolbar cascade as menu when clicked.Read more

How to Create a System Repair Disk in Windows 7 and Vista

You can create a system repair disk in Windows 7 and Windows Vista to guard against being unable to start Windows correctly. The repair disk loads the Windows Recovery Environment, which contains the recovery tools to repair/recover your unbootable Windows system.Read more