How to Add “Open File Location” Right-Click Option in Windows XP

Windows Vista and Windows 7 include the Open file location context menu item for Shortcuts, which helps you quickly open the target folder of a shortcut. In Windows XP, it takes four mouse clicks to accomplish the task.

To open the target folder of a shortcut in Windows XP, you need to right-click on the shortcut file, click Properties and click the Find Target button to open the parent folder of the target file or folder. And an additional mouse click is needed to close the Shortcut Properties dialog.Read more

Fix for Windows Security Center Service Error 1075

Here is a question from one of our readers: When I access the Security Center on my computer, it says The Security Center is currently unavailable because the “Security Center” service has not started or was stopped. I ran the Services.msc command from Start – Run. but I can’t get the service started. I got the following error:Read more