Microsoft Time Zone: Keep Track of the Time in Other Parts of the World

The excellent time-and-date website lets you know the current local times around the world. For those who need a taskbar/tray icon to keep track of the time in other parts of the world, here is a simple utility from Microsoft. The Microsoft Time Zone Utility adds as a small tray icon that allows you to specify as many as five cities to watch the time on while you are working on your computer. Microsoft Time Zone application also lets you compare times at different places in the world without changing your system time/zone.Read more

How to Update the Repair folder in Windows XP using NTBackup

When installing Windows 2000 or Windows XP, a backup copy of the registry hives is stored in the C:\Windows\Repair directory which can be used if the registry becomes corrupt at some point of time. The problem is that registry hives in the Repair folder do not get automatically updated whenever you install or uninstall a software, customize your profile or make configuration changes in your system. Therefore, if you restore the registry hives from the Repair directory in case of a disaster, all of your settings would be lost.Read more

How to Remove the Info Pane in Outlook Express

ISP-customized versions of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express include custom branding such as the ISP logo, Title bar text, Info Pane at the bottom of Outlook Express window, etc. This article tells you how to remove the Info Pane in Outlook Express if you no longer plan to use it.Read more