How to Always Start Task Manager As Administrator (Elevated) by Default?

Task Manager in Windows Vista and Windows 7 runs in non-elevated mode by default, showing only those processes running under the current user context. To be able to terminate or manage a process running under other user accounts, or to log off other users, you need to elevate Task Manager by clicking the Show processes from all users button in the Processes tab.Read more

Fix System Restore Error 0x8007007B in Windows 7/Vista

When you start the System Restore utility in Windows 7/Vista, the following error message may be displayed:

There was an unexpected error:

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

System Restore will now close.

The same error might occur when running Windows CompletePC Backup.Read more

Calendar Gadget in Windows Sidebar is Blank with Orange Background

The Calendar gadget in the Windows Sidebar may display blank content, showing only the plain orange background. Also, the Stocks Gadget may not show up when you add it to the Sidebar. This problem is usually caused by a missing scripting run-time registration. Registering VBScript.DLL Registering the vbscript.dll file from an admin Command Prompt fixes … Read more

Save and Restore Desktop icon layout in Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista

When testing various display resolutions or after completing a remote desktop session, the desktop icons may go out of order. Another case is that when you accidentally use the CTRL+ Scroll button (mouse) on your desktop, the Desktop icon size changes. But reverting back to the original icon size does not restore the custom icon positions on your desktop. In these cases, you need to revert back the custom icon positions manually.Read more