Fix for Gadgets Not Showing Correctly in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Have you come across the problem where some of the Gadgets that you added to the Sidebar/Desktop are not displayed correctly? For example, the clock gadget may be displayed as a black square containing only the "seconds" hand. Other gadgets may show up as white rectangles with an information (i) icon and a plus sign. … Read more

Unable to Open .PPS attachments directly from Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail

When you open a .PPS or .PPT file that came as a mail attachment in Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, you may see the Open / Cancel dialog box. When you select Open, the following error may be displayed. This may happen even though you have PowerPoint Viewer 2003 or 2007 installed. However, the same file may open correctly when saved to disk, and then viewed. Note that this problem does not occur if you have Microsoft Office or PowerPoint installed.Read more