How to Stop Edge From Hijacking Your PDF or HTML Associations

Windows 10’s file association protection mechanism prevents direct changes to the UserChoice area of the registry for each file type. When no file association (user choice) is set in the registry or if an application makes the hash void by incorrectly writing to UserChoice registry key to set associations, this triggers a reset of file association for that file type, going back to Windows 10 defaults. For instance, Edge may takeover your PDF file associations after an update, or due to the above-mentioned reasons and the Action Center notifies you that an app default was reset.Read more

Microsoft Edge Not Listing Chrome in the “Import Favorites” Panel? Let’s Fix it!

Microsoft Edge can import favorites or bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Chrome. For some users, Chrome may not be listed in the Import Favorites panel in Microsoft Edge, although the latest build of Google Chrome is installed and bookmarks present.

This happened in my Windows 10 system and I managed to fix the problem by moving the Chrome bookmarks database file to a specific location where Edge expects it to be. Today I’m going to show how I managed to get Chrome listed in Edge’s Import Favorites panel.Read more