How to Assign HotKeys for Windows 10 Start Menu Shortcuts

Here is a quick tip for users who’ve just upgraded to Windows 10 and wondering how to assign shortcut keys for Start menu shortcuts in All apps, as well as for Pinned items.

Click Start, click All apps. Locate and right-click the shortcut for which you want to assign a shortcut key.

Click More → Open file location.

This opens the Start Menu\Programs folder where the shortcut is stored.

Right-click on the shortcut, click Properties, assign a Shortcut key as desired, and click OK.

2 thoughts on “How to Assign HotKeys for Windows 10 Start Menu Shortcuts”

  1. Is there any way to list all the keybord shortcuts I assigned with the method above?
    I’m trying to assign CTRL shift something to a shortcut, but Windows refuses to assign it.
    I know I tried (and likely succeded) to assign the same keyboard shortcut to another shortcut some times ago, and I think this is the reason Windows does not allow me to use the same shortcut

    But I cannot find the previous (program) shortcut any more, so I don’t know how to “free” the keyboard shortcut I want to use

    Thanks for helping


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