Analyze and Defragment Buttons in Disk Defragmenter Do Not Work


DCom Server Process Launcher (DComLaunch) service was introduced in Windows XP SP2. One of the major side-effects user face after disabling the DComLaunch service is that the Disk Defragmenter console fails to operate. The Analyze and Defragment buttons do not work. Also, launching the console Defrag (defrag.exe) utility causes the following error:

Windows cannot connect to the Disk Defragmenter engine

Enable the DCOM Process Launcher Service

1. Click Start, Run and Type Services.msc

2. Double-Click DCOM Server Process Launcher

3. Set Its Startup Type to Automatic

4. Restart Windows.

Additional Information

Windows Firewall service may fail to start after disabling DComLaunch. See KB892504 titled The Windows Firewall service cannot start if the DCOM Process Launcher Service is disabled.


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