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Recently I received a tweak request from one of our readers to add the Videos folder to the Windows Vista Start menu. Currently in Start Menu properties you can add Music, Documents, Pictures and Games but for some reason there is no option for Videos.

There is no GUI option to add Videos folder to the Start menu. This can however be done using a registry hack, and that too, only by replacing an existing item in the Vista Start menu with Videos.


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Below is a registry tweak that replaces Games in the Start menu with Videos. Important: If you apply this tweak, the Games Explorer functionality will be disabled. However, you can run individual games from Start, All Programs, Games folder.

Replacing Games with Videos

1. Download and save the file to your Desktop.

2. Unzip the file and extract the two .REG files to your Desktop.

3. Right-click on the file videos_sm.reg and choose Merge.

4. Click Yes when asked for confirmation.

5. Logoff and login back so that the Start menu is refreshed.

Editor’s Note: The Info Tip that appears when you hover the mouse cursor over the Videos icon seems to be unchangeable. It still reads Play and manage games on your computer.

Undo Information

To reverse the above setting, right-click on the file undo-videos_sm.reg (which is present in the above Zip file) and choose Merge. Click Yes when asked for confirmation. Logoff and login back.


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  1. How can I apply your registry patch but with an icon of my choice. Let’s say for example its path was in C:\Icons\Video Icon.ico

  2. My only issue is that the hover tooltip remains the same, (as I think it does even on the example computer from the screenshot).
    Let me know if there is a way to change this.

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