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Date/Time (Clock) Missing in Taskbar in Windows 10. How to Add it Back?

The Date/Time or the tray clock is shown by default in the Notification area. If it’s missing suddenly, here is how to add it back:

Right-click notifications area in the Taskbar and click “Customize notifications icons”

Click Turn system icons on or off

Enable the Clock toggle button

Taskbar fonts turned black and the clock is invisible?

It is possible that the high contrast setting or an incompatible custom/third-party theme has enabled black colored font for the taskbar. As a result, it makes it difficult to see the date/time section in a black taskbar.

It may appear as though the clock is missing.

To restore the default color setting (white font):

Additional Tip: Some users have suggested that disabling “Use small taskbar buttons” option in Taskbar settings makes the white font to appear.

In the newer versions of Windows 10 (e.g. 2004), there is a color mode setting (dark or light) that can fix the issue.

Hope one of the above methods helped you enable the visibility of the taskbar clock in Windows 10.

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