Printer Error 0x0000011B Caused by KB5005565

printer error 0x0000011b KB5005565

After installing the September 14, 2021—KB5005565 Cumulative Update, your computer may not print, especially when you attempt to print via the network. When you do so, the following error occurs: Windows cannot connect to the printer Printer error 0x0000011b (or) Operation could not be completed (error 0x0000011b). None of the computers can print over the … Read more

How to Get Microsoft Edge ADMX Group Policy Templates

edge extensions - group policy editor - admx - chromium

You can use group policy objects (GPO) to configure policy settings for Microsoft Edge on all versions of Windows. To configure Microsoft Edge with group policy objects, you install administrative templates that add rules and settings for Microsoft Edge to the Policy Definition template folder on individual computers. Get Edge (Chromium) ADMX Group Policy Templates … Read more

[Firefox] Restore Missing “View Image” Menu Option

firefox view image menu add-on

In Firefox v88, some context menu options have been removed. One of the most useful options that is removed is the “View Image” context menu. It’s now replaced by “Open Image in New Tab,” which opens the image in a new tab (or a new window if the Shift key is pressed) instead of the same tab.

If you’re wondering how to get back the View Image menu option back in Firefox, a simple Firefox extension is available.Read more

How to Clear Background (Wallpaper) History in Windows 10

clear desktop wallpaper history

When you change the desktop wallpaper, Windows remembers the file name and path of the last four wallpapers. The Personalize page (“Choose your picture”) displays the thumbnail image of five wallpapers; first thumbnail image is usually the current background, followed by thumbnails of previous four background images. This post tells you how to clear the wallpaper history using Registry Editor.Read more

Add “Settings” Cascading Context Menu on the Desktop in Windows 10

ms-settings URI Settings context menu on desktop

Microsoft has moved most of the Control Panel features into the Settings UI in Windows 10, and at some point the classic Control Panel may be removed altogether. The Settings panel has different categories: System, Devices, Phone, Network & Internet, Personalization, Apps, Accounts, Time & language, Gaming, Ease of Access, Cortana, Privacy, Update & security, and Mixed reality.Read more

How to Replace Notepad With Notepad++ or Other Editor

notepad plus replace debugger notepad.exe

If you’re looking at how to replace Notepad with Notepad++ or any third-party editor, this post explains how to do it. Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that supports several languages. Let’s see how you can replace Notepad with Notepad++ without replacing any system files.

Notepad is a lightweight program suitable for users who need only very minimal text editing features. For additional features and functionalities, third-party editors like Notepad++ and Sublime Text are awesome, with many features built-in.

(This article applies to all versions of Windows, including Windows 10/11.)

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How to Download Windows 10/11 ISO (Direct Download)

iso dvd header image

This article explains how to download the official Windows 10 or Windows 11 ISO from Microsoft servers using different methods. The Media Creation Tool downloads the latest version of Windows 10/11 by default.

You can also use Rufus or other third-party tools to accomplish the task. Using the methods described in this article, you can download any edition, build, or language ISO of Windows 10 from the official Microsoft servers directly.

The tools and methods in this article can be used to download Windows 11 ISO as well.

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How to Clear Customize Notifications (System Tray) Icons in Windows?

taskbar notification overflow icons windows 11

Over time, many invalid or obsolete taskbar notification icons may appear on the “Customize notifications” or the “Select which icons appear on the Taskbar” page with invalid or missing icons.

Customize Notifications Dialog with obsolete entries

On Windows 11, the setting is called “Taskbar corner overflow.” It’s located under Personalization → Taskbar, in the Settings app.

This article describes how to clear the past and current items list in the Customize Notifications dialog in Windows. Information and the script here apply to all versions of Windows, including Windows 10 and Windows 11.Read more

Fix Spooler Service Error 1068 “The dependency service or group failed to start”

When you attempt to start the Print Spooler service (via services.msc), one of the following error messages may appear and the Print Spooler service fails to start:

Could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer.
Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.
Could not start the Print Spooler service on Local Computer.
Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start.

The event log may display the following messages:Read more

Remove “Learn about this picture” Desktop Icon in Windows 11

remove learn about this picture icon

When you select the “Windows Spotlight” option as the desktop background in the Personalize settings page, Windows 11 adds a desktop icon named “Learn about this picture.” The “Learn about this picture” is a shell folder (special icon), when double-clicked, opens the Bing Images search results page for the current desktop spotlight wallpaper.

The special icon has three more options in the context menu, namely: “Switch to next picture,” “I like this picture,” and “Not a fan of this picture.”

To get rid of the “Learn about this picture” Desktop Icon in Windows 11, follow the instructions in this article.

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Error 0x80070643 Installing KB5007651 (Update for Windows Security platform)

kb5007651 error 80070643

Windows 11 users are seeing the error 0x80070643 (“Fatal error during installation”) when installing KB5007651 (Update for Windows Security platform) via Windows Update. Here’s the error message verbatim: Updates failed Update for Windows Security platform – KB5007651 (Version 1.0.2109.27002) Install error – 0x80070643 [Fix] Error 0x80070643 Installing KB5007651 Many users have indicated that the following … Read more

Windows Update Error 0x80092004 in Windows 7

KB4516065 failed - Error 0x80092004

When you attempt to install the KB4516065 Monthly Rollup Update (September 10, 2019) on your Windows 7 computer, the error 80092004 appears.

The error 0x80092004 (“CRYPT_E_NOT_FOUND“) denotes that Windows Update has rejected the update(s) because cryptographic values that the update packages contain are not found. It’s because Microsoft started signing packages only with SHA-2 since August 2019. Microsoft used to sign them with SHA-1 and SHA-2 and later decided to drop SHA-1.Read more

[Fix] Media Creation Tool Error 0x80072F8F – 0x20000 in Windows 7/8

media creation tool error 0x80072F8F

When you attempt to upgrade to Windows 10 from a Windows 7/8 computer using Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool, the error 0x80072F8F – 0x20000 may appear. The full error message verbatim is below: There was a problem running this tool We’re not sure what happened, but we’re unable to run this tool on your PC. If … Read more

How to Get Back Enhancements Tab (Loudness Equalization) in Speaker Properties

get enhancement tab in speaker properties

After installing the audio driver update or upgrading the Operating System, you may notice that the “Enhancements” tab is missing in the Speaker/Microphone properties window.

The Enhancements tab provides options to configure Bass Boost, Virtual Surround, Room Correction, Loudness Equalization, and other features.

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[Fix] StartupCheckLibrary.dll and Winscomrssrv.dll Error at Startup

startupchecklibrary.dll malware startup error

When you log in to your Windows computer, the following error message windows may pop up:


There was a problem starting StartupCheckLibrary.dll

The specified module could not be found.

There was a problem starting winscomrssrv.dll

The specified module could not be found.

Additionally, you may see the following error:

There was a problem starting StartupCheckLibrary.dll

Operation did not complete successfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software.

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Windows cannot find GPEDIT.MSC in Windows 10/11 Home Edition

gpedit.msc missing windows 10/11 home edition

The Local Group Policy Editor (GPEDIT.MSC) is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in used to configure and modify Group Policy settings within Group Policy Objects. This tool is available only on Windows 10/11 Professional Edition and higher.

On Windows Home Editions, you’ll see the following error when you attempt to launch the Group Policy Editor (which is non-existent on Home Editions)


Windows cannot find 'gpedit.msc'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Windows cannot find 'secpol.msc'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

On Windows Home Editions, you needed to use the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) to enable the policies manually. For each group policy, the equivalent registry setting is listed in the official Group Policy Settings Reference Spreadsheet by Microsoft.

Now, you have a third-party freeware that can be an alternative for the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) in any edition of Windows, including Home Edition.Read more

Get Back Windows 10 Ribbon UI in Windows 11 File Explorer

get back old classic ribbon windows 11

The File Explorer in Windows 11 comes with a new/modern ribbon interface with small icons (having no caption text underneath). The new ribbon interface may look bland and uncomfortable for new users who have upgraded to Windows 11 from Windows 10 or earlier.

Luckily, there are a couple of ways to get back the classic ribbon (Windows 10-style) interface in Windows 11 File Explorer.Read more

How to Custom Install/Uninstall Individual Office 2016/2019/365 Apps

office setup all apps

The traditional MSI (Microsoft Installer) based installation allowed you to install or uninstall individual office products (e.g., Word, Excel, or PowerPoint). But the Office click-to-run (CTR) installations don’t allow installation choices. Click-to-Run is the technology used to install Microsoft 365, and most versions of Office 2013 and newer.

You won’t see the custom install screen in the Office CTR setup. All the bundled apps in the Office Setup package/SKU are installed automatically. Each app shown in the setup screen will be installed.

The CTR setup.exe is a small installer stub that downloads the entire setup files from the Microsoft Office Content Delivery Network (CDN). MSI-based setup packages are usually provided in a DVD or USB flash drive.

Many users wonder how to install or uninstall selected app(s) (e.g., Word and Outlook) while excluding all other products in the suite during CTR installation. So, let’s see how to do custom installation/uninstallation of Office applications in this article.Read more