This section contains VBScripts to solve problems in Windows XP.

    As you may have known, Windows Vista includes the Add to Quick Launch option (seen when you right-click on a file), which adds a shortcut of the file to the Quick Launch folder automatically. This article describes how to implement the Add to Quick Launch feature in Windows XP.

    The command-line Defrag program (defrag.exe) supports /a switch, which can analyze the specified volume, and notifies you if  defragmentation for that volume is necessary or not.
    Whenever you attempt to open the User Accounts applet in the Control Panel, the User Accounts dialog pops up, but the page may be empty, or filled with raw HTML code.
    Scripts to launch search companion with a default "Look in" destination folder or drive.
    Here is a WMI script that generates the PCI slots information (Total & Available) in each system across your network.
    Here is a vbscript to quickly restore missing tabs to the Display properties dialog.