Windows Mail

    In article 245 we saw how to manually delete the email auto-complete entries in Windows Mail. Here is an utility to automate the same.
    When I start typing a To: address, Windows Mail provides a list of all previously used addresses. But some of the addresses (which are not in my address book) I don't want there any more. How can I now get rid of those entries that I no longer want?
    When you open Default Programs applet, and click Set your default programs link, Windows Mail entry may be missing from the list of programs.
    Regarding article 175, some users have reported that there were no languages listed under the Language drop-down box in the Spelling tab, as in the figure below.
    When you open the Windows Contacts folder from Windows Mail, or by typing shell:contacts in Start Orb, the list of Contacts show up with the trailing file extension. This article describes how to hide the file extension for Contact file type in Windows Vista.

    When you use the Spell check feature when composing a new mail message in Windows Mail, the following error message may be displayed:

    This language is no longer available for spell checking. Please select another in the spelling options dialog.