This article explains how to uninstall a Windows Media Player Visualization manually, in case the standard removal procedures do not work.
    In Windows Explorer .mp3 associates with Windows Media Player. In Media Player it shows that it will handle .mp3 files. QuickTime Player shows that it does not handle mp3 files. But when I click a link to an .mp3 file in Internet Explorer it plays the file using QuickTime, instead of launching Windows Media Player. What can I do to fix this?
    How do I select which debugger is triggered for JIT debugging when a script error occurs in Internet Explorer. Currently I have both Visual Studio and Microsoft Script Editor installed on my machine. However, only the Visual Studio debugger comes up and I prefer to use Microsoft Script Editor as the default script debugger.
    When you try to install Windows Installer Cleanup Utility in your Windows XP system, the following error may occur and installation halts:
    Every time I open Word Viewer (2003) and click on File menu, a list of every document it has ever opened appears, even if the original document has long gone. Where is this info stored? I've tried looking through the program files, the registry, and the .dat files, to no avail. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the viewer.
    In article 131, we discussed how to Prevent accidental deletion of Office Setup Files when using the Disk Cleanup utility. This article describes how to recreate the MSOCache folder in case you've deleted it accidentally.
    When you try to install Acrobat Acrobat Reader 8 on your Windows XP system, you may receive the following error message:
    Since installing Windows Desktop Search (WDS) v3, when I right click on a folder and then click on Search..., WDS opens. This is hardly ever what I want. The same happens when I click Search from the Start menu. How do I reinstate the Windows XP Search Companion?
    Windows Live Messenger introduces the Sharing Folders feature which allows you share files with your contacts. It also creates a special folder named My Sharing Folders in the My Computer view.

    Fix for the VBScript runtime error ActiveX component can't create object: 'Wscript.Shell' - 800A01AD