How to Export WMP Media Library in Windows 7/Vista Using Media Info Exporter

The WMP9 Series Winter Fun Pack 2003 contains a useful tool called Media Info Exporter. This tool can easily export WMP media library to Excel, Word, Access, HTML and XML formats. The Winter Fun Pack though originally written for Windows XP, works fine in Windows 7/Vista.

Installing this tool in Windows Vista or Windows 7 throws up the MSI Error 1303 mentioning that the installer has insufficient permissions to access the "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Media Player\Icons" directory. Changing the ownership of the folder and assigning Full Control permissions for Administrators group is all you need to do to make the installation successful. (Thanks Tim for the tip.)

for Windows 32-bit:

Open the folder "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player"

for Windows 64-bit:

Open the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player"

Change ownership and assign permissions

Right-click the Icons folder and choose Properties, and click the Security tab

Click Advanced, select the Owner tab, and click Edit

Select Administrators and click OK.

In the Security tab, click the Edit button

Select Administrators and give Full Control (tick the checkbox)

Click OK, OK.

You should be able to install the Winter Fun Pack now.

Open Windows Media Player, click Tools, Plug-ins and choose Media Info Exporter.

Click the Properties button if you need to change the default settings/output format.

Click OK, and click Export.

The media library is now exported to an Excel sheet, along with corresponding metadata in separate columns.

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  1. Is there a way to get more track info? I’m on WMP12 and Windows 7; I can only seem to get Title, Artist, Album, Rating, Genre, and Length – is there a way to get release year, play count, etc.?

  2. Hi Ramesh, can you explain the steps we need to take to change ownership and assign permissions with Windows 7? The options and tabs are slightly different than your instructions, so it’s confusing for a non-technical person like myself :) Thanks very much…!

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