Windows Update and Automatic Update Reset (Fix It) Tool

Have trouble installing updates from Windows Update? Check out the Windows Update Troubleshooter/Reset Tool written by the Fix-It Team at Microsoft. This tool resolves most of the Windows Update and Automatic Update issues by resetting the Windows Update configuration.

Note: Windows 8 and 8.1 version of the troubleshooter can be downloaded from this page.

Windows Update Troubleshooter tool for Windows 10

Download Windows Update Troubleshooter for Windows 10 (WindowsUpdateDiagnostic.diagcab), and run the file.


Click Advanced, and click Run as administrator.

The troubleshooter does various checks to determine if Windows Update components have any problems.

You can check the detailed report by clicking View detailed information.

Windows Update Reset (Fix It) Tool for Windows Vista & XP

Download Windows Update Reset (Fix It) Tool.

This tool automates the most common fixes (including DLL registration) to issues with the Windows Update site. This Fix it Solution has two modes Default and Agressive. You should run the Fix it solution in Default mode and determine if it resolves your problem with Windows Update before running it in Agressive mode.

4 thoughts on “Windows Update and Automatic Update Reset (Fix It) Tool

  1. why does the windows 10 package have a problem with updates and refers me back to my internet connection all the time but I am connected by mobile connection which is the only way I can connect in the bush. How do I improve the performance on a mobile connection ?

    thank you await you comments with eager anticipation.

    also why does the office package I purchased with the new notebook not want to run on windows 10

  2. Well the first thing this Fix It app told me to do was that it required XP SP3 to run, so it told me to update to SP3 then re-run the Fix It. WINDOWS UPDATE is not working after a brand new XP/SP2 install. That’s why I’m running this Fix It, so how am I supposed to update to SP3?

  3. i have an HP laptop and run VISTA HOME PREMIUM for an OS.
    when attempting to update my WINDOWS UPDATE (WHICH IS NOT SET ON AUTOMATIC), I keep getting a “WINDOWS UPDATE ERROR 80072efe”.
    an additional window popsup stating “WINDOWS HOST PROCESS HAS STOPPED WORKING”
    this has made my browser very unstable (flashes and opens more than one browser page…tab…window…etc..)
    if you can, please tell me how to rectify this issue.
    thank you so much for listening and thank you in advance for your help

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